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Digitalization requires individual recipes for success

As a highly specialized and highly innovative agency for web development, the Digital Lab of INCREON develops front-end, back-end, and full-stack solutions.

The professionals from INCREON Digital Lab help you to advance faster on the journey of digital transformation. As an agency for web development, we inspire you. We are your digital sparring partner, your digital think tank, and your creative web developer. We connect your digital future with what is digitally possible. We advise you, filter out the solutions which promise the most success for you, test these, develop them, and integrate them into your organization.

Route your digital evolution. Web engineering at its best …

Web Development
Websites and web platforms
Web applications and apps
E-commerce, catalogs, and PIM
Web content management …

Digital Consultancy
Analysis, strategy development
Management consulting for digital transformation (B2B, B2E)
Training, workshops …

Digital Incubator
New business development
Digital improvement
Rapid prototyping
Functional mockups …



Many years of experience in web solutions and digital projects.

Well-known companies trust us when it comes to web engineering, web design, and digital consulting. And they have been doing it for many years. What we do is always future-orientated and embedded in the strategic brand communication of our customers.

As a subsidiary of INCREON, we always see our services in connection with all marketing, sales and distribution, and branding disciplines. You receive everything from one supplier. Since the founding of the GmbH in 2004 — and even before it — we have successfully developed innumerable web and software projects. Looking back, we value that as an agency, we have realized more than 500 digital projects both small and large. With web content management systems (WCMS) like WordPress or Typo3, we have placed many thousands of websites online.



Web development — front-end, back-end, full-stack

Digitalization needs creative doers

Digital products usually run somewhat longer. So you want to know if we fit to you as a partner. Therefore, in the case of new clients, we value manageable test products as much as unusual assignments to show what we can do. We have a lot of breadth and depth when it comes to the web development disciplines:

PHP 100%
JavaScript (JQUERY, AngularJS …) 100%
CSS 100%
HTML 100%
MySQL 100%
WordPress Rest API 90%
OOP 75%

And always looking ahead

At INCREON Digital Lab, we don’t just limit ourselves to concepts and ideas. As soon as the road map is set, we at the agency create reality for web developments — no ifs, ands, or buts.


Digital Lab

On the way of the digital transformation more independently of systems, more flexibly, and faster

Every individual at the INCREON Digital Lab is good and experienced. In a team, we are even stronger and better for you. A powerful and fast-acting troupe of digitalists is available to you.

Trust in our many years of experience in web engineering, web development, and digital consulting on all things web solutions and digital projects. We are oriented toward “classic” software lifecycles, which consist of requirements engineering, architectural design, implementation, test and integration, deployment, and maintenance and continuing development.

Our clients:

  • Industrial, high-technology, and service companies that want to be even more successful in their B2B markets.
  • Hidden champions that want to exploit their potential even better.
  • Organizations and institutions desiring to benefit from digital dynamism.
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