What we are busy with ...

What we are busy with …

The INCREON Digital Lab is agile and is busying itself continuously with new technologies while looking backward and also far ahead. Currently, we think these topics are fascinating:

Grav CMS

Grav is a new Content Management System (CMS) based on the scripting language Twig. The advantages of this flat-file CMS compared to other systems like WordPress or Typo3 are speed, simplicity, security, version control, hardly any maintenance, portability, and low costs.

This is how it works: The content is saved in markdown files, out of which dynamic on-demand sites are generated via PHP. There is no static HTML code. Grav is based on the modern standards Twig, Symfony, Markdown, and YAML.

The system has been available since 2015. After detailed tests, we have implemented the system. For extremely extensive websites with thousands of pages that require complex database relationships, Grav is only of limited use, but as a rule, only a few websites have this size. Our website www.increon-digitallab.com is, by the way, built in Grav.

Live - stream - video. The next big thing.

Live communication via Internet from and to marketing touchpoints will set new standards for B2B and B2E brand communication! As a digital agency and digital consultancy, we deliver everything from one source: From the concept to the livestream and professional recording for events, presentations, interviews, trade fairs, and shows — at the same time at many locations (branding touchpoints). We have our own equipment for this.

A well-coordinated team works for you: Decades of experience in live broadcasting of audio and video — integrated in an international network. Our smart greenscreen studio is enough to put you and your product in the limelight in a digital virtual studio. This offers the best basis for storytelling and content marketing. This is brand communication 4.0. At the INCREON Digital Lab, we rely on the latest technologies.

Angular JS

AngularJS is a client-side JavaScript web framework (Open Source) developed by Google. It simplifies software development and software component testing. AngularJS makes extraneous a part of the code that we would normally write. There is less source code.

AngularJS is especially well-suited to single page applications. AngularJS got its start in 2009, but will, in our opinion, develop its full potential in the future. Right now, it is going along well. We are going along with it and using the advantages to our customers' benefit.

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