Web design and web solutions belong together

We follow a central motto when it comes to web design and the associated web solutions and web applications: Both belong together. It may seem obvious at first glance, but in many cases, it is not. As before, the website is looked at in different ways by decision-makers. The web design is derived from the way print materials look; the web pages are often built up according to the internal corporate structure and less according to products and services (customer view). That means that many companies have a beautiful image-oriented website with a lot of information, but which is not oriented to the customer and the customer's needs or to the customer journey. In short: The websites often reflect the organizational chart of a company and not the customer requirements with a solution orientation. Many are also quite far away from professional content marketing.

In the future, websites will have to fulfill even more requirements: filters, apps, shops, Internet of Things (IOT), smart home applications, and so on. Not uncommonly, these mostly additional web applications look different and are structurally different from the rest of the website. This is also because different departments are commissioned with realizing partial projects online.

That the website and, for example, a GUI (Graphical User Interface) look different, is more the rule than the exception. For the user, however, a consistency in logic and design (usability) is important. As an aside, this consistency develops trust in the brand over the long term.

What do we do in connection with this? Our web design is always designed clearly, simply, and in a user-friendly manner, so that later web solutions and web applications in every form can be integrated into all applications. Especially at the beginning, foresight is needed. This is what we have. We connect insights and trends from the design world with requirements and functions and with classic software screen design.

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