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Digital incubator


INCREON Digital Lab

Innovation incubator for digital media

Complex requirements, new technologies, more competitors — the digital transformation is faster and faster and more and more intensive for all of us. How can we meet this increasing pressure to innovate? We ask ourselves this question every day. Our answer: the INCREON Digital Lab. It is a new and different form of a digital agency and digital consultancy that knows how to deal with disruption.

For one thing… Today, start-ups, with their clever ideas for new products and new business models, often make established industries and markets look old — and they do it with comparatively small investments. For another… There are constantly growing customer expectations as regards the quality of (digital) products and servicesthat cause established companies a lot of trouble. How, therefore, can you keep up in light of these escalating requirements and the ever shorter innovation cycles?

Use the INCREON Digital Lab not only as a digital agency, but also as your digital innovation incubator. What do we offer you? We experiment independently (new technology testing), are always on the lookout for new digital developments (digital trend scouting), and therefore have deep know-how about coming technologies at an early stage. We make digital prototypes concrete for you, test new technologies at a very early point in time, and evaluate these technologies for their chances of success and for their acceptance and suitability for working. We are not thinking here of small improvements of an existing digital product or process. This is about creating new types of ideas. Failing early is, in this case, part of the digital innovation process. This is how the digital evolution can be accelerated for you. Because we act outside of your company — of course, in close coordination with your management — the process focuses at the end on the goal and on success.

Today, we all face the challenge of disruptive developments. We go down this road of digital transformation for you and with you with much curiosity, passion, tenacity, perseverance, and a high tolerance for frustration. This is because not everyone in your organization can keep pace with the tempo, so that this momentum has a more targeted effect.

For you, we rely on many different technologies, partners, and approaches in our work. Why? This ensures that we do not get bogged down in one thing. So we stay agile and smart. Especially with the dynamism in the high technology sector, this is decisive. Let’s talk about your digital path…

Our services:

  • New Business Development
  • Digital Trendscouting
  • Innovation Finding
  • New Technology Testing
  • Digital Improvement
  • Rapid Prototyping, Functional Mockups
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