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Faces of the INCREON Digital Lab

Each individual is good and experienced. In a team, we are even stronger and better for your digital challenge. Trust in our many years of experience in web applications and digital projects.

Because we do not wish to be contacted constantly by headhunters, we do not show any real names and complete photographs below. Get to know us in a personal conversation and learn more about the INCREON Digital Lab, the team, and our work at the digital agency.

At its core, a troupe of about 15 powerful digital developers is available for you at the digital agency. On principle, we prefer to employ our in-house resources, but can extend the size of the team when needed. It is especially important to us that our customers are independent of us, but gladly draw on us again and again. We do not like systems that create a dependency; therefore, we try to avoid them in line with our customers. In doing so, we orient ourselves to the “classic” software life cycle, which consists of requirements engineering, architecture design and development, implementation, testing and integration, and deployment, along with maintenance and further development, but we keep this process flexible enough to be able to react to changes appropriately and in a timely manner.

The most important digital developers of the INCREON Digital Lab for you at a glance:

The digital strategist

Year: 1968. For over 20 years, he has been closely connected to the entire spectrum of digitalization — as a consultant, creative mind, doer, and businessperson. He has successfully developed countless web, IT, and software projects and made them successful — from small websites to international platforms. With enthusiasm and passion, he drives things forward, but he also knows, when in doubt, to pull the plug early and to rethink the road ahead. With his treasure trove of experience, he is an inspiring sparring partner for you.

The process architect

Year: 1978. For her, digital transformation and digital evolution are a lived reality that are to be improved anew on a daily basis. She thinks in tables, databases, digital processes, and functions, and tests them again and again. For many years, she has passionately and successfully developed digital projects and tenaciously made progress with them. Her strengths lie in an eye for detail and precision in the home stretch. With her clarity for the essential, she is a guarantee of success for your project.

The function activist

Year: 1975. Shaping digitalization efficiently is his thing. From the beginning, he wants to simplify applications and concentrate the utility on what is essential — whether for complex solutions or a simple line of code. At the same time, for him, digital design is a source of fun and more emotionality on the path of digital transformation. With his direct nature, he gets everyone in projects to keep an eye on the common goal and to work in one direction.

The database expert

Year: 1976. He is a developer through and through. Since his earliest youth, the digital world has been a part of his life. He is concerned with giving structure to the perpetual chaos in processes and projects. Atomic functions are the solution for him. The success of every digital transformation lies in the digital dialog between systems.

The solution trooper

Year: 1981. Systems, servers, databases, and networking revolve at the center of his universe. He carries the customer with him on the digital path — most of all when more complex situations are to be explained and taught. He gets a special kick from searching for and finding intelligently implemented innovative solutions. The design always has to follow the function, efficiency, and the digital utility.

The three-dimensional one

Year: 1981. His world is virtual and digital. He makes visible things that do not exist yet. He makes digital realities of virtualities. For him, scripting is a part of his art. With scripting, effects and their perception become really authentic and emotional. Even if quick motions and animation are his thing, peace and quiet strengthens his power. Three-dimensional visualization and bringing objects digitally to life is his passion.

The crypto one

Year: 1970. His special passion is dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. His world is mining on his own servers and in pools up to intensive trading. He takes along much transfer knowledge from this technology for our fintech solutions. He thinks outside the box and is always at least six hours ahead of us in Shanghai. From design to tangibly tooling — digitalization is in his genes and simply is fun to him.

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