As a subsidiary of INCREON and as a highly specialized and highly innovative digital agency and digital consultancy with a B2B focus, we always see our services in an interplay along with all marketing, sales, and branding disciplines. You receive everything from one source. We are also pleased to do specific projects for you. Let us just talk about your needs and requirements.

Ihr Team

Your Team

Each individual is good and experienced. In a team, we are even stronger and better for your digital challenge. Trust in our many years of experience in web applications and digital projects.

Unsere Werkzeuge

Our Tools

So that we understand ourselves well in the INCREON Digital Lab, we speak Bavarian, German, and, with pleasure, English and Chinese as well.

Über uns

About Us

The INCREON Digital Lab GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of INCREON GmbH. "Web should be eesy..." With this motto, in September 2000, a startup project from INCREON and FACTSOFT kicked off.

Requirements engineering and technical cybernetics influence our approach, without losing agility, speed, and spontaneity.

Digital incubator

Digital incubator

Digital ideas need space

The requirements are ever more demanding; the innovation cycles are ever shorter. How can you respond to the increasing pressure for innovation? How can you maintain an overview? With a partner at your side that leaves enough room for digital ideas. And with a partner at your side that first thinks the impossible and takes it into consideration. The INCREON Digital Lab sees itself as one of these sorts of partner

  • New business development
  • Digital trend scouting
  • Innovation finding
  • New technology testing
  • Digital improvement
  • Rapid prototyping, functional mockups

Digital consulting

Digital consulting — digital inspiration & consulting

The digital future needs inspiration

Strategy development and consulting revolving around digitalization, to drive the digital transformation of companies successfully toward the inside and outside. The INCREON Digital Lab is your sparring partner and the high-performance business consultancy at your side

  • Analysis, digital check-up
  • Strategy development
  • Digital transformation consulting (B2B, B2E)
  • Requirements engineering
  • Digital change management
  • Training, workshops

Digital agency

Digital agency — digital development & integration

Digitalization needs doers

Development, implementation, and management along the digital eveolution, to increase the digital performance of companies and all their employees for the long term. Our digital services at the INCREON Digital Lab include

  • Websites and web platforms
  • Web applications and apps (B2B, B2C, B2E)
  • E-commerce, catalogs, and PIM
  • Development optimization (DevOps) (process improvement in software development and systems administration)
  • Web environments
  • Web architecture
  • Web content management
  • Customization
  • Theme development
  • Plug-in development
  • Digital content production (video, audio, animation, character animation, virtual reality, 3D, 360°)
  • Multichannel interaction (B2B, B2C, B2E)
  • Social media dialog (onsite, offsite — B2B, B2C, B2E)

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